I have this unsettling urge to build things. Sometimes work just flows, sometimes I question my life choices. Here are some of my side projects I built:

Slack chat app 2017

This is the clone of Slack chat app with real-time support using AngularJS to test the capability of Firebase Auth and Real time database.

jquery-loading 2016

A lightweight library to show a "loading" indicator while element is retrieving from server.

Work and Freelance Projects

Nugit Branding Website 2018 Oct

My team at Chosen Lab renovated this website using Gatsby, a blazing fast modern site generator for React. This is the first time we built a headless CMS. We chose DatoCMS for that purpose.

Zyllem Internal Web App 2016 - Now

I have been the only front end engineer since I joined Zyllem. I built all the SPA (Single Page App) inside Zyllem platform with TypeScript and Angular.

State Courts 2015 Nov

A big scale project. Still, I did all the front end matters.

SF-SPA Branding Website 2015 March

I took care of all the front end matters, includes converting PSD to HTML responsive, using SASS.

HEINZ Feb 2014

A freelance web project to complete in a short time frame, basically translated PSD to responsive HTML

And many more*