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Work Related Projects

Cake Pool Revamp Website 2020 Oct - Now

  • Lead a small team of three front end engineers
  • Rebuild the landing page - cakedefi.com
  • Architect the web application - app.cakedefi.com

Zyllem Internal Web App 2016 Aug - 2020 Sep

I have been the only front end engineer since I joined Zyllem in 2016 (as of July 2019, the team has a new front end mate joined). I built all the SPA(s) (Single Page App) inside Zyllem platform with TypeScript and Angular. Until now, the number of SPA(s) in Zyllem platform has been growing so quickly comparing to the starting point three years ago.

I also defined the architecture, coding convention, and set up the build process for the whole front-end work.

We have been building SPA and API to replace the traditional server-side MVC Razor view. Our SPA(s) are ranging from simple CRUD app with only form and list view, to some super complex app that using state management (ngrx/ ngxs) to handle a large number of data on client-side.

We have few apps which display a parallel view on the UI, one side is the data representation in text view, and the other side displaying the same data on the interactive map view. Users can interact with one side and the application will reflect the changes on the other side and vice versa.

Many apps also support real-time updates on UI, so the single source of data concept must be a part of the whole application architecture. Otherwise, it will become very error-prone If you don’t know where the data come from. Or If you update the local component data but it didn’t reflect on the shared service data.

The final target is to do a switch to make our application 100% client-side or at least 80% client-side. For now, only some configuration parts on the system are still relying on the MVC Razor.

I have this unsettling urge to build things. Sometimes work just flows, sometimes I question my life choices. Here are some of my open source projects that I built:

State Courts 2015 Nov

A big-scale project. Still, I did all the front end matters.

Side Projects

Angular Spotify 2021

Spotify client built with Angular 12, Nx Workspace, ngrx, TailwindCSS and ng-zorro. It got a lot of love from the community with 1000 stars within a week. The Angular team was talking about it at the State of Angular - Apr 2021

Angular Tetris 2020

A childhood memory Tetris game built with Angular 10 and Akita. Some metrics worth mentioning:

Angular Jira Clone 2020

This is a showcase application I’ve built in my spare time to experiment with the new library that I wanted to try before: Akita, TailwindCSS, ng-zorro.

There are many Angular examples on the web but most of them are way too simple. I like to think that this codebase contains enough complexity to offer valuable insights to Angular developers of all skill levels while still being relatively easy to understand. Some metrics worth mentioning:

Nugit Branding Website 2018 Oct

My team at Chosen Lab renovated this website using Gatsby, a blazing fast modern site generator for React. This is the first time we built a headless CMS. We chose DatoCMS for that purpose.

Slack chat app 2017

This is the clone of Slack chat app with real-time support using AngularJS to test the capability of Firebase Auth and Real-time database.

jquery-loading 2016

A lightweight library to show a “loading” indicator while an element is retrieving from server.

SF-SPA Branding Website 2015 March

I took care of all the front end matters, includes converting PSD to HTML responsive, using SASS.

HEINZ Feb 2014

A freelance web project to complete in a short time frame, basically translated PSD to responsive HTML

*And many more

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