Hi! I'm Trung.

Front-end Engineer and UX zealot.

People started calling me Senior Frontend, but It would still be a long way to reach there.

I am currently working at Zyllem on all the front-end matter includes, but not limited to:

  • Turning designs into responsive UIs with HTML / CSS (LESS/SCSS).
  • Building client side application with (vanilla / Typescript/ JQuery) and Angular. From simple CRUD application to the super complex app with multiple nested class structure using state management (ngrx/ ngxs) and handling massive amount of data.
  • Improving user experience.

Outside of the time spending at Zyllem. I also work on side projects, and learn more on technology. See my current reading list.

Zyllem is a fast growing regional start-up based in Singapore. Our software connects the fragmented logistics network by allowing enterprises to build and manage their entire distribution network that includes partnerships and own assets in one platform.