About me

Hi! I’m Trung.

Front-end Engineer and UX zealot.

People started calling me Senior Frontend, but It would still be a long way to reach there.

I speak at events, contribute to OSS. I’m the author of various OSS such as Angular Jira Clone, Angular Tetris, and many popular blog posts.

Currently, I’m working full-time at Zyllem on all the front-end matter includes, but not limited to:

  • Spearhead the front-end development of enterprise products, from architecture, coding convention to the build process.
  • Architect and design a set of hybrid applications where the client app “lives” inside the old server-side application. These single-page applications (SPAs) range from simple CRUD apps with form and list view, to super complex apps that handle a vast amount of data on client-side. New SPAs have provided substantially better user experience. 8/10 customers feedbacks that they love the client-side interfaces much more than the Razor server-side.
  • Turning designs into responsive UIs with HTML / CSS (LESS/SCSS).

Tech stack: ASP.NET MVC, MongoDB, Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular Material, SCSS, LESS, Jenkins, Katalon.

Outside of the time spending at Zyllem. I also work on side projects and learn more about technology. See my current reading list.

Zyllem is a fast-growing regional start-up based in Singapore. Our software connects the fragmented logistics network by allowing enterprises to build and manage their entire distribution network that includes partnerships and own assets in one platform.

Last Updated 30 Nov 2019