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I strongly believe that sharing is the key to growth and success. That’s why I’m always eager to get involved in community activities and initiatives. Here are a few selected examples of the work I’ve done in the past.

Angular Singapore 🇸🇬

I founded Angular Singapore in 2021 to support and grow the Angular developer community in Singapore and beyond. Our community is actively involved in the following activities:

  • Monthly meetups held on the first Tuesday of every month, where we invite speakers to come and share their knowledge and experience about Angular with us. Follow us on Twitter @angularsg to stay updated about our upcoming events!
  • Free one-on-one support for anyone who needs advice or has any questions. Book your slot with us here: calendly.com/trungvose/ama-w-trung. We are always ready to help!
  • Office-hour sessions, where we share our experience through live coding. Check out our Angular Singapore YouTube channel to watch our latest videos.

This is our first in-person meetup photo at Oct 2022 @Google Developer Space Singapore 🙃

Angular Meetup

This is our second meetup photo with special guest Minko Gechev from the Angular team 🙃

Angular Meetup

I created and managed the Angular Singapore Youtube Channel that has over 500 subscribers and accumulated over 17,000 views

Angular Singapore Youtube Channel

Angular Vietnam 🇻🇳

As a community leader at Angular Vietnam since 2020, I have participated in various activities and initiatives, including:

  • Co-authoring the 100 days of Angular series to promote and grow the Angular community in Vietnam. We dedicated countless hours to crafting valuable content, promoting it, and sharing it with the community. The series has been running for three years, and we have consistently attracted around 1500 unique visitors every two weeks (Github limitation of 2 weeks analytics), which translates to approximately 700 unique visitors per week. This amounts to an estimated total of 3 x 52 x 700 = 109,200 users over the course of three years.
  • Hosting several events and one-on-one meetings to provide direction and guidance to young software developers in Vietnam who are passionate about Angular and front-end development.
  • Supporting community members in resolving technical queries and challenges related to Angular and front-end development.

In addition to these activities, I also created and manage the Angular Vietnam Youtube Channel, which has nearly 1000 subscribers and has accumulated over 30,000 views.

Angular Vietnam Youtube Channel


I’m known for creating the popular Angular Spotify and Angular Jira Clone projects, which have both achieved huge success with over 100,000+ views and more than 1k stars on Github. It’s my hope that my code can be useful to other developers and assist them in some way.

My Angular projects have been recognized by the Angular team on multiple occasions.

Angular Spotify

Emma Tweet


I have delivered around 20 talks in the past year on several events and conferences such as CityJS Singapore 2023, Web Directions Code 2023 and ng-rome 2022. I got invited to Angular Air not just one, but twice to talk about my Angular journey. What an experience!

View my list of talks.


When I first started working with Angular four years ago, I often found myself struggling without anyone to turn to for help. That’s why I decided to start Angular Singapore recently, to bring the Angular community in Singapore closer together and create a supportive network where people can always seek help when needed.

I’d like to share with you the Angular Spotify series, where I continue to implement my Spotify client using Angular. I hope you find it useful and enjoyable!

Last Updated 26 Jul 2021