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I believe to share more is to gain more. Below are the selected activities I have involved in the community.

Angular Singapore 🇸🇬

I founded Angular Singapore in 2021. We advocate and grow the Angular developer community in Singapore and beyond. Our main activities includes:

  • Monthly meetup on the first Tuesday of the month. I invited speaker to come and talk about Angular with us. Follow @angularsg for the upcoming events :)
  • FREE one-on-one support. If you have any questions or need any advices, book our time here. We are here to help! calendly.com/tuantrungvo/ama-w-trung
  • Office-hour sessions where we share our experience with live coding.

This is our first in-person meetup photo at Oct 2022 @Google Developer Space Singapore 🙃

Angular Meetup

This is our second meetup photo with special guest Minko Gechev from the Angular team 🙃

Angular Meetup

I created and managed the Angular Singapore Youtube Channel that has over 500 subscribers and accumulated over 12K views

Angular Singapore Youtube Channel

Angular Vietnam

I am a community leader at Angular Vietnam since 2020 and participated in mainly:

I also created and managed the Angular Vietnam Youtube Channel that has closer to 1000 subscribers and accumulated over 16K views.

Angular Vietnam Youtube Channel


People know me as I am an author of Angular Spotify and Angular Jira Clone. Both got the huge success with over 100K+ views and over 1k stars each. I really hope my code can be used by other developers and help them some how.

The Angular team has mentioned about those projects on several occasions.

Angular Spotify

Emma Tweet


I have delivered around 20 talks in the past year on several forums and conferences such as ng-poland 2020, ng-rome 2021. I got invited to Angular Air not just one, but twice to talk about my Angular journey. What an experience!

View my list of talks.


When I worked with Angular four years ago, I struggled many times without anyone to ask for help. I started Angular Singapore recently to bring the Angular community in Singapore closer, and they can always look for help if needed.

Below is the Angular Spotify series that I continue implementing my Spotify client written in Angular. I hope you enjoyed it!

Last Updated 26 Jul 2021