I believe to share more is to gain more. Below are the recent talks that I shared about my working experience.

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Behind 1k stars repository November 2020

First time on the show 😂 with Angular Air

Angular Strongly Typed Reactive Forms November 2020

I demonstrated how to use @ngneat/reactive-forms to work with Typed Reactive Forms in Angular. for ng-poland 2020. Wielkie dzięki!

Interview Coding Challenge (Vietnamese) October 2020

I shared my recent interview experience when looking for a new opportunity in the COVID-19 times. 😁

Behind the 900 stars repository September 2020

I did this talk one more time for Angular Rome September Meetup. Grazie Mille!

Behind the 900 stars repository August 2020

I shared my experience on some decisions that I made for my Jira clone application that got the community attention at talk.js - August 2020

  • Why TailwindCSS
  • Why Akita over ngrx
  • Deploy to Netlify/Heroku

I need to practice English more 😂

Angular - Using Visitor design pattern with Typescript July 2020

I shared my experience in applying visitor design pattern on an Angular application at talk.js - July 2020

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