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Behind 1k stars repository

Angular Air, 21 Nov 2020

I had a blast making my first appearance on Angular Air, where I got to talk about Jira Clone. My four-year journey with Angular has seen me build incredible things at Zyllem, although most of those were internal apps.

Angular Jira Clone is a showcase application I built in my free time to try my hand at new libraries like Akita, TailwindCSS, and ng-zorro. There are plenty of Angular examples out there, but they often lack complexity. I like to think this codebase strikes a balance, offering valuable insights to Angular developers at all levels, yet remaining fairly digestible.

This project is also part of our technical series, angular-vietnam/100-days-of-angular. Our aim is simple: enable everyone who’s spending 100 days learning Angular with us to build their own similarly-scaled application. Our mission is to advocate for and grow the Angular developer community in Vietnam.

A special thanks to Connie for introducing me to the community and to Bonnie and Justin for having me on the show!

Behind 1k stars repository