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State of Frontend 2023: React vs Angular vs Vue

Techie Story, 11 Apr 2023

I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout at State of Frontend 2023, with 230 attendees, making it feel like a mini-conference! It was a wonderful opportunity to share my knowledge and connect with the Angular community. We had engaging discussions on topics such as the overview of React, Angular, and Vue, performance and optimization strategies, developer experience, real-world use cases and industry adoption, and future perspectives. The event provided valuable insights into Angular’s history, architectural differences, market share, and community support. We also explored techniques for improving performance, reducing bundle size, and scalability in large-scale applications. Additionally, we discussed the learning curve, tooling, ecosystem, and community engagement surrounding Angular. The event highlighted popular applications built with Angular, industry trends, and factors influencing framework choices.

Trung Vo