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Angular - Set page title automatically!

Hey guys, long time no Angular post.

I have been busy with Angular Spotify and Angular Singapore.

Today, I’ll share a block of code with you that my friend @nartc mentioned recently.

That’s how the output looks like

Angular - auto set page title

What we will do

Our code will basically do:

  • Listen to Router events
  • Filter the ResolveEnd events
  • Find the deepest activated route (usually is the current activated component)
  • Get the data.title that we set up on the router configuration
  • Set the HTML document title with the found title.

Source code

  1. First, we need to configure the router with an additional title
const routes: Routes = [
    path: '',
    component: HomeComponent,
    data: {
      title: 'Home',
    path: 'dashboard',
    component: DashboardComponent,
    data: {
      title: 'Dashboard',
  1. On the app.component.ts, setup the listener and extract the title
export class AppComponent implements OnInit {
  name = 'Angular ' + VERSION.major
  constructor(private readonly title: Title, private readonly router: Router) {}

  ngOnInit() {

  private setupTitleListener() {
      .pipe(filter(e => e instanceof ResolveEnd))
      .subscribe((e: ResolveEnd) => {
        const { data } = getDeepestChildSnapshot(e.state.root)
        if (data?.title) {

function getDeepestChildSnapshot(snapshot: ActivatedRouteSnapshot) {
  let deepestChild = snapshot.firstChild
  while (deepestChild?.firstChild) {
    deepestChild = deepestChild.firstChild
  return deepestChild || snapshot
  1. Voila, that’s all


Open angular-auto-set-page-title.stackblitz.io to view it on your browser.

Published 1 May 2021

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