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Angular Singapore

Hey guys,

Recently I started a new group called Angular Singapore with the target to advocate and grow the Angular developer community in Singapore.


Our main activity includes:

  • Monthly meetup on the first Tuesday of the month. We invite speaker to come and talk about Angular with us. Follow @angularsg for the upcoming events :)
  • FREE one-on-one support. If you have any questions or need any advices, book our time here. We are here to help! calendly.com/angular-singapore/15min
  • Office-hour sessions where we share our experience with live coding.

This is our first meetup photos. I’ll take a good one for the second meetup then 🙂

Angular Meetup

Speak with us

  • Send us your talk at @angularsg
  • We will get back to you!

Contact us

Where What
@angularsg Upcoming events
discord.gg/W5HCQfubJR Discussion, questions, anything
calendly.com/angular-singapore Talk to us, anything!
youtube.com/AngularSingapore Our monthly recorded meetup, office hour and more
Published 17 Apr 2021

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