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My React Reading List

I have been working mainly with Angular in the previous few years and now moved to React for about a year. The following is my React reading list that I have collected over the past year, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading and watching them.

# Title Key takeaway
1 When to useMemo and useCallback @Kent C. Dodds - Performance optimizations are not free. They ALWAYS come with a cost but do NOT always come with a benefit to offset that cost.
2 How Does React Actually Work? Philip Fabianek React elements, components and component instances, reconciliation, diffing algorithm, rendering, the ways React communicates with the renderers.
3 The Perils of Rehydration: Understanding how Gatsby/Next manage server-side rendering and rehydration Critically, rehydration is not the same thing as a render. In a typical render, when props or state change, React is prepared to reconcile any differences and update the DOM. In a rehydration, React assumes that the DOM won’t change. It’s just trying to adopt the existing DOM.

Updated 12 Dec 2021

Published 12 Dec 2021

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